Rihanna Is Espresso Dressing Too

Rihanna just made a rare appearance on the streets of West Hollywood, and of course she wasn’t in something so pedestrian as a Halloween costume. No, she paired a black leather jacket with mahogany leather pants, officially declaring this the Autumn of Espresso.

Espresso martinis, espresso makeup, and brown leather every which way you can wear it. if Rihanna says we’re allowed to combine it with black, then that’s the rule now! As Madonna once said, espress yourself. (You know how you can tell she’s a billionaire? No purse.)


Leaving a solo dinner at the San Vicente Bungalow in West Hollywood, the mom of two kept her styling relatively simple, opting for shiny black nails to match her patent leather heels, luxuriously shiny hair pushed away from her face, and minimal makeup. The biggest surprise of the ensemble? No shades! Rihanna has made a habit lately of stepping out, even at night, in sunglasses (To look mysterious or to pay homage to Anna Wintour? You decide!), but on this occasion, she let us see her eyes. Blessed are we.

ICYMI, brown, and specifically brown leather, is currently everywhere. Hailey Bieber did brown suede with brown leather and a reddish-brown bag and matching shoes…

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