Old Navy launches annual ‘Flag Tee’ collection into the metaverse

Old Navy launches annual ‘Flag Tee’ collection into the metaverse

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Old Navy launches annual Flag Tee collection into the metaverse. – Old Navy

In particular, Old Navy is launching its first digital collectibles campaign inspired by the brand’s famed annual FlagThe first drop of generative digital collectibles will feature the brand’s Magic

Created in partnership with Sweet, a consumer-first NFT platform delivering officially licensed NFTs on behalf of brands, Old Navy’s Magic the Dog generative NFT collection will provide owners with a keepsake of the 28-year-old tradition, while each NFT will allow owners to claim a physical Old Navy flag tee.

“As an iconic American brand, we’re so excited to bring our beloved Flag Tee design, signature to Old Navy, into the metaverse,” said Kelly Blumberg, head of graphics at Old Navy. 

“We know our customers and employees are passionate about community, so we’re thrilled to offer another dimension of belonging in web3 with this super fun, inclusive collection of digital collectibles that are truly accessible to all.”

The NFT campaign will kick-off on Wednesday, June 29, and will launch 1,994 common NFTs for $0.94 — an ode to Old Navy’s founding year. Old Navy collaborated with the youth arts community at Boys & Girls Clubs of America, its longtime charitable partner, to co-design the unique attributes for Magic with up to 800,000 possible combinations. Likewise, 100% of the proceeds generated from the auction and common NFT sales will equally benefit the charity. 

“Fourth of July is one of the biggest dates in the American calendar, and Old Navy has long been a part of the celebrations,” said Tom Mizzone, CEO of Sweet.

“The launch of this affordable and fun generative NFT collection will allow anyone and everyone to purchase and own an NFT and get introduced to web3 at the same time. We’re really excited to see what the introduction of NFTs to the Old Navy brand will bring to this Independence Day celebration and beyond.”

Old Navy’s first NFT collaboration will be available on the Tezos blockchain. The digital collectibles will be available at OldNavy.com/nft.

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