Hailey Bieber Takes Her ‘Sexy Secretary’ Kitten Heels Out for a Spin

Hailey Bieber’s minuscule mules were not made for walking. That might explain why she looped stirrups beneath the soles while she “dashed”—to quote the tabloids—between her SUV and an organic juicery in Los Angeles. She looks like a businesswoman from the ’80s or perhaps an equine influencer who has just discovered the term “stealth wealth.”

That is because the components of the outfit—the blunt bob, the strong-shouldered blazer and the stretch leggings—are all cornerstones of Instagram’s #OOTD posts. Hailey Bieber might not be dressed in cycling shorts like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid were doing in 2018, but the “I’ve got a sponsored post to schedule while also attending Pilates and other such things!” attitude remains.


Taken as a whole, the look gestures to a general “sexy secretary” mood that is beginning to bubble up through street-style images of the rich and famous. See: Sofia Richie Grainge in her Elle Woods pantsuit and Kendall Jenner in her vintage Galliano. The stretch-knit influencer heels have been swapped out for pointed kittens, the greige XL blazer replaced with a beige oversized blazer. These folks might not have traditional 9 to 5 to attend, but they want to be taken just as seriously.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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