Oakley Earns its Stripes With the Racing Jacket’s Return

For many fans of sport style, Oakley’s 90s to early 2000s sunglasses archive is as good as it gets. During that period, it conceptualized and delivered some of the most iconic sporting sunglasses that the world has ever seen.

Unsurprisingly, this is a period that Oakley continues to return to as it delivers an industry-leading revival of archival styles that fans just can’t get enough of. For its latest offering, the Racing Jacket takes the lead.

With its MUZM series, Oakley has been serving up a carefully curated selection of archival styles that have sent collectors into a frenzy.

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A quick browse of secondary market sites such as eBay will show you why – these styles, in their original formats, have remained highly desirable relics of an era considered to be the best in sport style, with many of Oakley’s beloved styles appearing in countless iconic moments in sporting history.

Several favorites have made their way back into the spotlight over the past year or two, with the Sub Zero, X Metal Romeo, X Metal Juliet, and Eye Jacket making a particularly big splash upon return.

Now, MUZM sees to the return of the Racing Jacket after 25 years.

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Serving as the newest interpretation of the brand’s first dual-lens performance eyewear, the Racing Jacket was designed to fit the face like a jacket does on the body.

Taking on a colorway that Call of Duty fans will recognize from Modern Warfare 2, this retro pair sports a Red Tiger camouflage finish with Prizm Black lenses for an ice-cold, high-adrenaline finish that’s sure to make a few appearances during this summer’s festival circuit.

The era-defining pair is due to rerelease on May 4 in a limited-edition quantity of 375 pairs, complete with a premium collector’s box via Oakley and select global retailer partners.

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