French fashion house Patou partners with Fairly Made

French fashion house Patou partners with Fairly Made



Patou is the first luxury brand to team with green tech startup Fairly Made, which has worked with LVMHStation F

The startup evaluates and scores the entire sourcing and production chain of a business against traceability and recyclability criteria. It aims to become the world leader in traceability analysis.

Patou has since 2018 prioritised sustainable production practices through its initiative –The Patou Way, an approach designed to limit the environmental impact of each collection, providing insights for customers seeking information on traceability and sustainability to guide their choices.

Fairly Made has evaluated a selection of 64 products in the Patou product line —Les Essentiels. These wardrobe staples range from white tank tops and jeans to denim jackets and black pants.
Through this initiative Patou is setting new standards for sustainability and transparency while remaining faithful to its heritage. Thanks to this partnership with Fairly Made, Patou became one of the first luxury brands to provide these insights for customers.  

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