Fusalp: CEO Alexandre Fauvet to step down

Fusalp: CEO Alexandre Fauvet to step down

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“After 10 intense and exciting years at the helm of Fusalp, Alexandre Fauvet, in agreement with Philippe and Sophie Lacoste, has decided to retire from his operational functions,” explains the brand in a message. The company stresses that “Alexandre Fauvet remains very much involved in Fusalp’s future and the pursuit of its development, as he remains a member of the brand’s strategic committee and a shareholder in the company.” The CEO is in fact a minority shareholder in the Annecy and Paris-based company, which has seen its sales rise from €6 million in 2014 to €56 million over its 2022-2023 financial year.

Alexandre Fauvet had announced that he expected to pass €60 million in sales for the current financial year ending at the end of May, therefore he will not be at the helm to conclude this one. A remplacement however may not be appointed any time soon.  “Philippe and Sophie Lacoste wish to take all the time they need to find the right person to succeed him, and in the meantime will act as interim CEO of Fusalp,” says the brand in its note. The company, in which Mirabaud acquired a stake last year, is targeting sales of 100 million euros by the end of its 2025-2026 financial year.

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