Hudson’s Bay launches heritage tote bag collection

Hudson’s Bay launches heritage tote bag collection

The Hudson’s Bay

Hudson’s Bay launches heritage tote bag collection. – Hudson’s Bay

The collection features five distinct canvas tote bags, each adorned with historic photographs showcasing the grand architecture of Hudson’s Bay stores in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary. The collection aims to pay homage to these iconic landmarks while supporting the foundation’s mission.

Crafted from 100% natural, unbleached cotton, each tote narrates a distinct chapter in HBC

In particular, one tote showcases the first Hudson’s Bay flagship store in Calgary, in 1929. Moving to Montreal, circa 1970, another tote captures the legacy of Morgan

The Toronto tote represents the city circa 1910 spotlighting the iconic facade of Robert Simpson’s store on Queen Street after its 1908 expansion. Also in Toronto, set against the backdrop of Toronto in 1975, is a tote that portrays the iconic Simpson’s Queen Street store, complemented by a vision of the 1979 Toronto skywalk bridge. 

Finally, the Vancouver, 1959 tote highlights the evolution of the Hudson’s Bay store in Vancouver from 1913 to 1959, capturing its architectural journey and contemporary footprint.

“These Hudson’s Bay buildings have become architectural anchors in the cities that are featured in this collection. Architecture tells a story of the times, and these building photographs capture so much more than just the store. There is a connection to community,” said Tiffany Bourré, VP, communications and heritage.

Priced at $18 each, the Heritage Tote collection is now available on and will soon hit Hudson’s Bay stores. A 100% of the proceeds from this collection support the Hudson’s Bay Company History Foundation.

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