Gen Phoenix: The Sustainable Solution to Leather Waste

ELeather, a UK-based firm, has rebranded as Gen Phoenix.

The new name is inspired by the cyclical regeneration of the phoenix and represents the company’s commitment to transforming leather waste into a sustainable alternative.

With a recent investment led by Material Impact, Gen Phoenix plans to expand into new consumer-facing markets and further address the global waste problem.

Notably, businesses such as Dr Martens, Coach, and Nike have participated in the investment, showcasing the wide-reaching support for the company’s mission.

Gen Phoenix is focusing on scaling product innovations, including plant-based, post-industrial, and post-consumer waste leather alternatives.

Additionally, the company aims to strengthen its partnerships in the luxury fashion, footwear, and transportation industries, while also exploring opportunities in the automotive sector.

These ambitious goals reflect the increasing demand for sustainable leather alternatives and the fashion industry’s need for change.

Dr Martens’ CEO Kenny Wilson is excited about the collaboration and the future prospects it holds..

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