Top 3 Sherpa Trucker Jackets for Layering in Style

There are outerwear staples that have stood the test of time and moved from one era to the next, largely unchanged, like the rugged trucker jacket.

Designed for the wear and tear of the road and traditionally made out of hard-working cotton denim (like the five-pocket cotton denim pants first worn by prospectors in the old West), the trucker jacket has indeed moved from menswear phase to menswear phase with ease.

Think of it this way: Fashion trends come and go, but if there’s a jacket both you and your grandfather can agree on, it might be the trucker jacket.

So if we had to guess, we’d wager you’ve already got a classic trucker jacket in your outerwear rotation, but what about a sherpa trucker jacket? The sherpa trucker jacket looks like it sounds, taking the traditional trucker silhouette (featuring two front button chest pockets and occasionally, hip hand pockets), and then adding warm sherpa fleece material, usually at the collar and most likely through the body of the jacket.

Why do you need a sherpa trucker jacket? It’s got the casually rugged style of a denim jacket, and the warmth of a more straightforward winter coat, yet it’s not as bulky as a parka or puffer jacket.

It should be your laidback go-to when you wear black jeans and scuffed-up leather boots alongside your favorite henley (to name but one combination).

Be ready with yours when the temperature drops: Take a look at the best sherpa trucker jackets right here.


Levi’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket
This take on the sherpa trucker jacket turns the famed Levi’s Type II Jacket (the original and best) into a cold-weather staple.

It’s nearly as iconic as the brand’s crisp and timeless jeans, so we’d suggest you pair it accordingly (with grey denim and chukka boots, of course).

The Juniper Dark Wash color will only get better with time, too.


Wrangler Cowboy Cut Western Lined Denim Jacket
Like Levi’s, Wrangler is about as all-American of a brand as it gets, from denim to this dependable trucker jacket.

It features winter-friendly touches like the sherpa lining you need now, plus some design flair courtesy of Wrangler (note the “W” stitching on the front pockets).

Note that it’s a relaxed fit, so you can layer a henley and a thick flannel shirt with ease.


Outerknown Peacenik Sherpa Lined Denim Trucker
While most trucker jackets are made out of cotton denim or canvas, this sustainably made denim jacket from surfing legend Kelly Slater’s brand uses a blend of hemp and organic cord cotton.

The result is a textured, eco-friendly jacket that’s soft to the touch and yet built for the rigors of the road.

Even the recycled polyester lining adds to its sustainability.

It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a stylish and environmentally conscious sherpa trucker jacket.

Stay warm and stylish with a sherpa trucker jacket that combines the best of both worlds – rugged style and cozy warmth..

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