Shein to Invest $70 Million to Strengthen Supply Chain

Shein, a multinational corporation, plans to invest up to $70 million in the next five years to strengthen its supply chain.

This investment includes $55 million for technological advancements and facility improvements in its production systems.

Additionally, Shein has established the Innovation Center for Apparel Manufacturing (CIGM) to promote sustainability and innovation among its suppliers.

The CIGM will receive $40 million in funding over the next five years to advance research and development in lean manufacturing solutions.

To enhance the skills of its workforce, Shein will provide over 380 training sessions in 2022 and an additional 480 sessions specifically for supply chain workers in 2023.

The company has also committed $15 million towards the Supplier Community Empowerment Program (SCEP) to upgrade supplier factories within its supply chain.

As of now, Shein has improved 31 factories and plans to upgrade 100 more by 2023, bringing the total number of renovated factories to 300 in the next four years..

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