Dress for Success: Enhancing Your Power through Style

If you’ve ever been in a leadership position, you know that it can be challenging.

It takes years of experience and hard work to reach where you are today, constantly striving to improve and level up.

While hard skills are important, soft skills also play a crucial role in showcasing your capabilities.

In sports, soft skills are often referred to as having a high “basketball IQ”.

It involves having a deeper understanding of the game, exploiting weaknesses in the opposing team, and leveraging human psychology to gain a competitive edge.

One such soft skill is understanding the power of image.

Power, especially for men, is a complex concept with various components.

It doesn’t have a physical form, but it does have a function – the ability to get things done.

Personal power is expressed through boldness, competence, and confidence, and can be measured by the results you achieve.

As a leader, your ability to lead is crucial in achieving desired outcomes.

Effective leadership is measured by the results of your team, not just your individual actions.

To gain a competitive edge, it’s important to understand human behavior and maximize your power in a hierarchical setting.

Displaying competency and agreeableness is not enough; you need to communicate that:


You know what you’re doing

You’re up to the task

You’re in charge

According to Liana Chaouli, Founder at Image Therapist International, “Having a confident mindset is the key to being a great leader.

The clothing a man wears only amplifies the leader who is wearing them.” Therefore, there are three key traits that your peers and subordinates look for when assessing your image:


Confidence – projecting the knowledge, skills, and experience that brought you to where you are

Mastery of your craft – showcasing your expertise in your field

Competence – demonstrating a track record of success in delivering results

Remember, it’s not the clothes that make the man, but the confident mindset and the traits you exude.

By dressing for success, you can enhance your power and effectively communicate your confidence and competence to others..

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