How to Style Cowboy Boots: A Modern Twist on a Classic Shoe

If you haven’t noticed by now, cowboy boots have quickly become the latest and greatest everyday shoe.

Wait, what? Yes! Planning to wear your go-to sneakers or summer sandals? Try grabbing a pair of cowboy boots instead.

They pair well with everything and bring a Western twist to what would otherwise be a basic look.

Don’t believe us? They’re just as easy as styling knee-high boots, hell, maybe even easier.

While cowboy boots technically never went out of style—they’re a staple of American fashion—they’re definitely more wearable to the average person than they used to be.

The phrase “cowboy boots” used to conjure up images of a man in mid-calf height, brown leather cowboy boots—but now, they’re much more than that.

Available in all the colors and styles and vibes you can dream up, there’s a pair that can fit anyone’s style.
If you’re looking to inject a little fun into your wardrobe, working cowboy boots into your daily wardrobe is the way to do it.

We’re diving into the best ways to style them, plus how to make them feel more uniquely you.

How To Wear Cowboy Boots
At the end of the day, cowboy boots can truly go with just about anything you choose to pair them with.

However, before you jump in, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

Where are you going in your boots?
It’s no secret that all boots have a breaking-in period.

Before you step out in your cowboy boots, be sure you’re aware of the comfort level yours are at.

Will you be on your feet all day? Are you going to be out of the house long? This is important to keep in mind if your boots are brand-new and still need to adjust to your feet.

What are you looking to get out of your outfit?
When you throw on cowboy boots with your outfit, chances are, they’ll be making the biggest statement of your look.

That being said, are you looking to wear them in a casual, I-just-threw-these-on way, or a these-are-the-stars-of-my-outfit way? Cowboy boots with jeans and a tee? Effortless and chic.

Cowboy boots with a maxi skirt and a corset? That’s making a coastal cowgirl statement.

Don’t forget to give them some TLC
Cowboy boots are known for lasting years, but it’s still important to treat them well in order to ensure their long lifespan.

If yours are leather, try treating them with a leather protector and maintaining their shine with a leather conditioner.

Investing in a pair of boot shapers will also help them keep their shape while you’re not wearing them.

With a little extra love, they’ll stay in tip-top shape.

8 Cowboy Boots Outfits
Have your boots ready to go and looking for ways to wear them? These eight outfits are the perfect place to start.

Denim shorts with cowboy boots
A post shared by Tecovas (@tecovas)
You don’t have to be heading to a rodeo to pull this look out.

We’re starting off classic with cutoff shorts and cowboy boots that speak for themselves.

Instead of reaching for your summer sandals to wear with your go-to shorts, opt for your cowboy boots instead.


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