Carven entrusts its creative direction to Louise Trotter

Carven entrusts its creative direction to Louise Trotter

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Louise Trotter joins a respected French fashion house. Earlier this year, the British creative director left Lacoste

Louise Trotter – Carven

The designer will now work at CarvenJosephParis Fashion Week

“I feel honoured to write a new chapter for Carven: a young French house that embodies for me a spirit of freedom, joy and confident femininity,” the designer says in a statement. “I look forward to respecting Madame Carven’s legacy by creating clothes with a new simplicity that are both useful and beautiful, while being respectful of people and our environment.”

Since the 2018 takeover of Carven, the ICCF group, which has a studio in the heart of Paris, has been working to structure the brand. The group has developped the label’s visibility and created an e-commerce site, put together a team and opened a flagship on the Champs-Elysées roundabout, the same place where Marie-Louise Carven used to display the creations of her house founded in 1945.

“Louise Trotter is the perfect candidate to revive the house of Carven. She is a talented designer who has the conviction and know-how to create striking clothes with a unique understanding of what luxury and sportswear mean today,” says Shawna Tao, the group’s CEO. “I believe her values and openness can lead this 70-year-old fashion house into a new and exciting future. The Carven team and I look forward to working closely with Louise.”

Since the departure of Serge Ruffieux


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