Diesel’s Spring 2024 Menswear: Milan Fashion Week Runway Review

MILAN, Italy, Sept 25 (Reuters) – Diesel artistic director Glenn Martens returned to his roots in the Antwerp fashion scene for inspiration for his latest runway collection, which was influenced by his upbringing in the city and the work of Belgian designers like Martin Margiela..

The collection, for Spring/Summer 2024, was unveiled at an industrial venue on the outskirts of Milan on Sunday, and featured a mix of tailored pieces, denim and sportswear..

One of the standout looks was a denim jacket with exaggerated lapels and oversized pockets, worn with a pair of baggy jeans and chunky boots. Another was a tailored suit with a cropped blazer and wide-leg trousers, paired with a white shirt and tie..

Martens also showcased a number of more experimental pieces, such as a puffer jacket with a built-in harness and a pair of jeans with built-in leg warmers..

The collection was praised for its originality and its mix of high-fashion and streetwear influences..

Diesel is an Italian fashion brand founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso. The brand is known for its denim jeans and casual wear..

Martens was appointed artistic director of Diesel in 2020. He is a Belgian fashion designer who previously worked for Y/Project and Maison Margiela..

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