Clash of the Titans: New Balance and Golden Goose in ‘Dad Shoe’ Dispute

**The ‘Dad Shoe’ Craze and the Dispute**

The ‘dad shoe’ trend, characterized by chunky, retro-inspired sneakers, has taken the fashion world by storm. These shoes, once considered unfashionable, have become a must-have item for style-conscious individuals. New Balance, an iconic athletic footwear brand, and Golden Goose, an Italian luxury fashion house, are two major players in the ‘dad shoe’ market.

**The Design Similarities**

Recently, New Balance filed a lawsuit against Golden Goose, alleging that the latter’s ‘Dad-Star’ sneakers infringe on the design of its own ‘New Balance 574’ model. The ‘Dad-Star’ sneaker features many similar design elements to the ‘New Balance 574,’ including the distinctive ‘N’ logo, chunky sole, and overall silhouette.

**New Balance’s Claims**

New Balance argues that Golden Goose’s ‘Dad-Star’ sneaker is a blatant copy of its ‘New Balance 574’ model. The company claims that Golden Goose intentionally copied the design of its iconic sneaker in order to capitalize on its popularity. New Balance is seeking damages and an injunction to prevent Golden Goose from continuing to sell the ‘Dad-Star’ sneaker.

**Golden Goose’s Defense**

Golden Goose, on the other hand, denies any wrongdoing. The company argues that its ‘Dad-Star’ sneaker is an original design that does not infringe on New Balance’s intellectual property rights. Golden Goose claims that the ‘dad shoe’ trend is a general design aesthetic and that multiple brands offer similar-looking sneakers.

**Legal Precedents**

The case between New Balance and Golden Goose is a reminder of the importance of intellectual property protection in the fashion industry. Courts often consider factors such as the similarity of the designs, the intent of the alleged infringer, and the likelihood of confusion among consumers when determining whether there has been infringement.

Similar cases involving ‘dad shoes’ have been brought before courts in the past. In 2021, Fila sued Skechers for allegedly copying the design of its ‘Disruptor 2’ sneaker. The case was eventually settled out of court.

**Impact on the ‘Dad Shoe’ Market**

The outcome of the New Balance and Golden Goose dispute could have a significant impact on the ‘dad shoe’ market. If New Balance is successful in its lawsuit, it could set a precedent for other brands to take legal action against those they believe are infringing on their designs.


The dispute between New Balance and Golden Goose highlights the challenges faced by brands in protecting their intellectual property in the highly competitive fashion industry. As the ‘dad shoe’ trend continues to grow, it is likely that we will see more legal battles over the design of these popular sneakers..

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