Emily Ratajkowski’s Dad-Inspired Fall Style Is the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Chic

Emily Ratajkowski has always been a style icon, but lately, she’s been embracing a new look that’s both comfortable and chic. Inspired by her dad, Ratajkowski has been rocking a series of oversized blazers, loose-fitting pants, and chunky sneakers. And we’re totally here for it..

Ratajkowski’s dad style is perfect for fall. It’s cozy enough to keep you warm on chilly days, but it’s also polished enough to wear to work or out on the town. And best of all, it’s incredibly easy to recreate..

To get Ratajkowski’s dad-inspired look, start with a pair of oversized jeans or khakis. Then, add a loose-fitting sweater or button-down shirt. Top it off with a blazer or a denim jacket. And don’t forget the chunky sneakers!.

If you want to add a little more polish to your look, try tucking your shirt into your pants and adding a belt. You could also wear a pair of loafers or oxfords instead of sneakers..

No matter how you style it, Ratajkowski’s dad-inspired look is sure to turn heads. It’s comfortable, chic, and effortlessly cool. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!.

Here are some specific items you can add to your wardrobe to achieve Emily Ratajkowski’s dad style:.

* Oversized blazer: Look for a blazer that’s at least one size too big for you. It should be loose and comfortable, and it should hit at your hips or below..

* Loose-fitting pants: Choose a pair of pants that are relaxed and comfortable. Avoid anything too tight or too revealing..

* Chunky sneakers: Chunky sneakers are the perfect way to add a touch of sporty chic to your look. Look for a pair that’s comfortable and stylish..

* Sweater or button-down shirt: Choose a sweater or button-down shirt that’s loose and comfortable. You can tuck it into your pants or leave it untucked..

* Accessories: Add a belt, a scarf, or a hat to complete your look..

With these items, you can easily create your own dad-inspired style that’s both comfortable and chic..

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