Nike Reverses Decision, to Offer Replica Jersey for Women’s England Footballer Mary Earps

**Nike Caves in Over Mary Earps’ Replica Jersey, Will Also Sell Shirts for Other Nations**.

**Original Story:**.

* Nike initially refused to produce a replica jersey for England goalkeeper Mary Earps, citing low demand..

* Fans and critics expressed outrage, accusing Nike of sexism and discrimination..

* Nike subsequently reversed its decision and announced that it would produce a replica jersey for Earps..

**Additional Context:**.

* The lack of a replica jersey for Earps stood in stark contrast to the availability of jerseys for male England players, such as Harry Kane and Bukayo Saka..

* This disparity highlighted a broader issue in the sporting goods industry, where women’s products are often marginalized or neglected..

* Nike’s initial refusal to produce an Earps jersey was seen as a continuation of this trend..

**Nike’s Reversal:**.

* Nike’s decision to reverse its position was met with praise from fans and critics alike..

* The company acknowledged that its previous decision was .

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