Beijing’s New Covid Lockdown: Here’s What We Know So Far

**Beijing’s New Covid Lockdown: Here’s What We Know So Far**.

**August 6, 2023**.

Beijing has implemented a new round of Covid-19 restrictions as the city battles a resurgence of the virus. Here’s what we know so far:.

**What areas are affected?**.

The lockdown measures are currently in place in the following districts:.

* Chaoyang.

* Xicheng.

* Dongcheng.

* Haidian.

* Fengtai.

**What restrictions are in place?**.

Residents in affected areas are required to stay home except for essential activities, such as grocery shopping or medical appointments. Mass gatherings are banned, and all non-essential businesses, including restaurants, entertainment venues, and gyms, are closed..

**How long will the lockdown last?**.

The lockdown is scheduled to last for at least one week, but it could be extended if the outbreak continues..

**What exceptions are there?**.

Essential workers, such as medical staff, public transport employees, and delivery drivers, are exempt from the lockdown. Residents who need to leave their homes for medical emergencies or to care for a vulnerable family member may also be allowed to do so..

**What about schools and universities?**.

All schools and universities in the affected areas have been closed. Online learning has been implemented for students..

**What about public transport?**.

Public transport services, including buses and subways, have been reduced in the affected areas. Residents are advised to avoid using public transport unless absolutely necessary..

**What about testing?**.

Mass testing is being carried out in the affected areas to identify and isolate infected individuals. Residents are required to undergo PCR tests every 48 hours..

**What are the penalties for violating the lockdown?**.

Individuals who violate the lockdown measures could face fines or even detention..

**What is the current situation in Beijing?**.

As of August 6, 2023, there have been over 1,000 new Covid-19 cases reported in Beijing in the past week. The majority of cases are being reported in the Chaoyang district..

**What is the government’s response?**.

The Chinese government is taking a strict approach to the outbreak in Beijing. The city has implemented a .

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