Cos opens first new concept store in Europe

Cos opens first new concept store in Europe



It’s “part of the brand’s ambition to create fully circular store environments”. 

The store is also big on visual impact with the 566 sq m, two-storey space opening with a curated selection of paintings and sculptures by international artist Liselotte Watkins who’s “inspired by vintage aesthetics and antique objects to create art that celebrates womanhood”.

The overall approach, the company said, is all about “spatial techniques, engagement of the senses and playfulness with light [to] create a vibrant yet intimate and tactile setting”.

As well as being the first such store in Europe, it’s also Cos’s largest new concept store to date.

It features a number of “more sustainable” materials and fittings as part of the goal to reduce store CO2 emissions while maximising the lifecycle of all the label’s interiors.

In fact, there’s 66% more recycled material than the original Cos store design with features including a fully circular flooring system, 30% recycled aluminium rails, 100% recycled polystyrene mannequins in place of fibreglass, and the removal of CO2 heavy concrete fittings.

And Lloyd Goldby, Global Head of Growth at the business, said: “The Biblioteksgatan opening marks an important moment for Cos in our interior design journey. Bringing our new store concept to life has been a brand-wide effort – developed by our talented team of in-house designers, and supported by sustainability, interiors and built environment specialists. Our new concept is a huge step towards becoming a more conscious brand, and we are excited to introduce it to more markets in the future.”

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