Fila launches Hailey Bieber global campaign, features archival and staple styles

Fila launches Hailey Bieber global campaign, features archival and staple styles

Sports label Fila


Shot by Renell Medrano and styled by Bieber along with Dani Michelle, she’s seen wearing a range of archival Fila pieces and staple styles, including a crew neck sweatshirt, sweater vest, oversized utility pants, and a puffer jacket. The looks are accessorised with bucket hats and Fila footwear. 

The campaign has just launched via outdoor and subway signage, digital banners, and across Fila social channels. 

The aim has been to “capture the spirit of the 90s, from the apparel to the styling to the aesthetic, with Hailey’s homage to the era that defines her fashion choices”. 

The video footage also references that on-trend decade “as Hailey playfully interacts with the camera through bold and expressive poses, further tapping into the culture and fashion” of the time. 

Bieber’s a good choice for the label and only this week it was revealed that’s she’s one of the top 10 female fashion influencers at present

Gene Yoon, Global Chairman of Fila (and the man credited with putting the brand back at the forefront after a period of decline), said: “Hailey has an enviable and often imitated street style, and she has quickly emerged as a fashion icon for this generation.

“As a brand, we have always celebrated individuality and a willingness to take chances in design. Hailey is fearless with her fashion choices, with a versatility, authenticity and originality in the expression of her style. Fila has organically become part of Hailey’s closet and it was a natural fit to work together on this new campaign.”

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