Off-White Equipment c/o Helinox launches

Off-White Equipment c/o Helinox launches


Off-White Equipment c/o Helinox launches. – Off-White

The collection launches with boundary-breaking garments, furniture and accessories, introducing new functionality, silhouettes, and details. In particular, the collection includes 12 functional and conceptual designs, inspired by human evolution that reinterprets symbolic motifs and evolutionary designs, including the proverbial fig leaf.

The brainchild of Off-White founder and creative director Virgil Abloh, the partnership began in 2020, when Abloh first approached Post Archive Faction (PAF) to craft a tactical performance wear collection for today’s terrain. In response, the Korean collective proposed the creation of multidimensional safe zones for human survival, spanning garments, tools, and spaces. Over the following two years, Off-White and PAF partnered with Helinox and the historic Swiss Army knife manufacturer, Victorinox

As part of the collection, the black fig leaves adorn the Helinox furniture: a chair and table featuring tonal black fabric over metal frames. Helinox’s lightweight, packable Sunset Chair is designed for total relaxation and sits up high off the ground, while the Helinox Table One Hard Top Large is designed for outdoor utility and is stable and packable. 

Completing the collaboration is the Off-White c/o Post Archive Faction c/o Victorinox knife and the Equipment Stone

“This incredible project with Off-White has been an exploration that’s meaningful to us and demonstrates the breadth in how humans experience art, fashion, utility and the outdoors,” said Young Lah, global CEO, Helinox. 

“The Helinox brand comes through as a canvas, both in terms of expressing style and in terms of how people use our products for enjoyment in so many different environments. We are honored to collaborate with this group of people and brands and bring this project to life.”

The collection is now available on off—, at Off-White stores and Farfetch

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