Playtime Paris to host 350 exhibitors in January

Playtime Paris to host 350 exhibitors in January

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From January 28 to 30, 2023, the Parc Floral de Paris will be hosting yet another edition of Playtime

At the beginning of the school year, Playtime was given a new visual identity in order to assert its position as the industry’s leading children’s trade show offering a creative and intimate environment

“This year’s edition will return to pre-pandemic levels. It took a while, more than in the United States where exhibitors and visitors flocked back as soon as they could,” said Sébastien de Hutten, head of Picaflor, the company that organizes Playtime Paris.

The Playtime and Kid

When it comes to France, where the trend around family-oriented collections is becoming increasingly prevalent, de Hutten is optimistic: “We are the largest European children’s trade show, ahead of Pitti Bimbo

Picaflor has recently given a new identity to its marketplace, unifying the two platforms Playtime, dedicated to creative and international brands, and Kid’s Hub, which is more widely distributed and oriented towards the American market, into a single platform called Orderwizz. The idea behind this change was to give the emerging platform an identity of its own so that it can become somewhat less dependent on physical fairs.

Orderwizz, which brings together 210 brands (of which 15% are French) with an annual subscription, has 40,000 users to date, including 6,000 certified buyers.

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