Adidas unveils football kits for national teams at 2022’s World Cup

Adidas unveils football kits for national teams at 2022’s World Cup

With the men’s football World CupAdidas

Adidas’ new World Cup 2022 kit for Spain team

Creating kits for teams competing in the world’s biggest sporting event, adidas described each as a “canvas for creativity, and an opportunity to capture and express the spirit of each nation with design features influenced by key cultural touchpoints”.

These range from the ancient civilisations and Mixtec art of Mexico celebrated in the nation’s away jersey to the origami crow inspiring Japan’s home kit.

With each new kit, Adidas said performance and sustainability were the top priorities, alongside a consistent design approach taken across the kits that “showcases both creativity and iconic simplicity, enabling players to be the best versions of themselves on the pitch, with each jersey coming in a slim fit”. 

All the kits are produced using 100% recycled polyester, continuing Adidas’ ongoing commitment to help end plastic waste. The breathable pieces also contain 50% Parley Ocean Plastic “intercepted on remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines preventing it from polluting our oceans”.

They also include lightweight, heat-applied details, constructed using materials and textures to help keep players feeling cool and comfortable.

Dynamic colour spectrums represent each unique national identity, with progressive graphics inspired by the future”, Adidas added.

Jürgen Rank, Senior Design Director Football at Adidas, said: “When we design national team kits for tournaments as big as the Fifa World Cup, we always keep in mind that these designs will become a part of legendary footballing history.”

“For us it’s crucial first and foremost to create kits that equip the world’s greatest footballing athletes with performance-led apparel that helps them unlock their highest level of play, while at the same time always featuring unique and unforgettably iconic designs that are bold, eye-catching and create a true sense of excitement amongst fans all across the globe.” 

And with replica kits a massive part of each producer’s sales numbers, these five nations’ shirts are allready available to purchase exclusively via federation kits and in its retail stores.

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