Chico’s FAS launches 2021 Impact Report

Chico’s FAS launches 2021 Impact Report

Florida-based fashion company Chico’s FAS launched on Wednesday its 2021 Impact Report including environmental, social and governance (ESG) highlights and goals. 

Chico’s FAS launches 2021 Impact Report. – Chico’s

In 2021, the company identified and completed 10 short-term goals to enhance its disclosures on existing practices and to improve oversight.

“Chico’s has always strived for continuous improvement in creating ESG impact through customer-centric innovation,” said Molly Langenstein, Chico’s FAS president and CEO. 

“As we continue to evolve as a company led by women and for women, our customers and employees remain at the forefront of everything we do. Chico’s ESG program is designed to enhance the interests of all our stakeholders and create long-term value by linking Chico’s ESG commitment through the lens of our four strategic pillars: Customer Led, Product Obsessed, Digital First and Operationally Excellent.” 

As part of its efforts for inclusion & diversity, 100% of its new hires in 2021 were introduced to inclusion & diversity programs. It also updated its human rights policy to reflect a training element, while 91% of its associates are now female. 

On the product side, the company enhanced its supply chain and manufactured approximately  41% of Soma bras in ISO 14001:2015 factories. Likewise, as part of its circularity efforts, it collected 8,099 pairs of jeans from its WHBM’s Give Back: Denim Recycling Program. 

As part of its online efforts for sustainable innovation, it introduced over 92,000 pairs of laser-processed denim delivered to Chico’s brand. 

Lastly, operationally, Chico’s recycled 1,417 tons of cardboard, paper products, corrugated, plastic and metal scrap from its National Store Support Center (NSSC) and DC. And to improve its operational efficiency, it also had 100% full-time and part-time associates participate in ethics training upon hire and had 78% of Independent Directors serve on its board. 

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