Hot Topic launches resale program with ThredUp

Hot Topic launches resale program with ThredUp

Hot Topic

Hot Topic launches resale program with ThredUp. – Hot Topic

Dubbed ‘Hot Topic Replaysecondhand

To participate, customers in the U.S. can generate a prepaid shipping label from, fill any shippable box or bag with women’s and kid’s items from any brand in their closet, and ship it to ThredUp for free. In return, customers can earn Hot Topic shopping credit for items sold on ThredUp that can be used both online and in-store.

“Incorporating resale into our business model is another step towards sustainability and an exciting opportunity for our customers. The launch of Hot Topic Replay provides our customers the ability to give their pop culture merchandise a second life,” said Steve Vranes, CEO of Hot Topic. 

“Leveraging ThredUp’s RaaS was the right decision for us as they have more than a decade of experience powering resale at scale and were able to get us up and running in a short period of time.”

Hot Topic joins a number of other retailers who are diving into resale. Earlier this month, Goodwill announced that it was headed online with the launch of a new second-hand marketplace. Meanwhile, Tommy Hilfiger

“Hot Topic is a brand that has maintained cultural relevance across decades. Their finger is on the pulse when it comes to younger shoppers who value self-expression and individuality or are seeking a dose of nostalgia,” said James Reinhart, CEO of ThredUp. 

“We’re thrilled to enable Hot Topic Replay and believe that entering resale will help Hot Topic build brand affinity among customers who are on the hunt for that unique band tee or collectible item, while also serving as a new growth channel for the business.”

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