US largest market for African apparel exports in H1

US largest market for African apparel exports in H1



The US was the largest market for apparel exports from African nations during January-June 2022. These countries have exported apparel of $1.416 billion to the US in the first half of this year which was 22.45 per cent of the total exports of $6.307 billion.


Spain was the second biggest market for African apparel, which is surprising as the country’s brands like InditexMango

The European country imported garments worth $1.280 billion in the same period, amounting to 20.30 per cent of the total exports from African countries, according to Fibre2Fashion’s market insight tool TexPro. 

Africa exported apparel worth $923.375

Interestingly, four European countries made it to the list of the top five markets for African apparel. 
Moreover, countries like UK, Netherlands, UAE, South Africa, and Belgium made it to the top 10 list. African apparel exports to UK stood at $347.178 million (5.50 per cent), Netherlands at $179.025 million (2.44 per cent), UAE at $153.634 million (2.44 per cent), South Africa at $146.877 (2.33 per cent) and Belgium at $104.782 million (1.66 per cent). 

Northern countries of Africa have an edge in the European market due to their proximity to the continent. 

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