Parfois opens its first store in Istanbul

Parfois opens its first store in Istanbul


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The Portuguese brand has entered the Turkish market, growing its international presence. The brand is also present in Albania, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Malta, Cyprus, Dominican Republic

Parfois’ first store in Turkey is in Istanbul – Fotografia: Gerard Mena


With this new store in Turkey, the company led by Susana Sánchez is on track with its plan, foreseen in 2022, to open 75 new stores as well as enter into new markets while strengthening its presence in countries with a strong purchasing power, such as Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Switzerland or Israel, where it has just launched its e-commerce platform.

The company operates via its own stores in Portugal, Spain, Italy and France, while in the remaining markets it uses the franchising system – having its name, which appeared in Porto in 1994, in more than a thousand establishments. Parfois has been strengthening its internal component dedicated to online, technology and sourcing.

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