Kanye West accuses Gap of stealing his designs

Kanye West accuses Gap of stealing his designs

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A few hours ago, he unveiled a new message addressed to Gap on Instagram: “I could hear the joy in my teams’ voices today. Adidas

That was before he upped the ante an hour later, sharing the message the retailer had sent him, “Your legal team recommends that we refrain from posting anything on Gap for another 10 days.”

While the collaboration between Kanye West and Gap has been in full swing since 2020, the American rapper has once again caught the attention of online users by presenting the clothes of his latest capsule in recyclable bags, which strongly resembled garbage bags.
As a matter of fact, under the artist’s will, the Gap stores didn’t have any display, nor hanger or shelves for the garments. The staff were also forbidden to assist shoppers.
The clothes made in China were rolled up into balls in bags, including a parka sold at 400 euros. The retailer, which took the form of a flea market, explained that the designer drew its inspiration from the homeless. This concept raised questions about the meaning of its approach and the moral values of both the artist and the company. Was
For the past few years, the company has been claiming to be involved in charity work. However, this marketing approach did not win over everyone. On Twitter

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