Fendi’s new â890 sneakers promoted by Karim Benzema

Fendi’s new €890 sneakers promoted by Karim Benzema

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Nicola Mira


Karim Benzema, the Roman label’s new brand ambassador – Fendi

On Monday, Fendi also began to showcase the Faster on its InstagramPalazzo della Civiltà Italiana (also known as the Square Coliseum), the majestic Rationalist building home to Fendi’s Rome headquarters since 2015. 

The effects were produced by the Buck creative agency using the Meta group’s Spark AR technology. By providing this new experience to its customers, Fendi is boosting its engagement in the virtual world. The luxury label took its first steps in the metaverse at the beginning of the year by developing a series of high-tech accessories, including a cryptocurrency wallet.

One of the virtual effects created for the Faster model – Fendi

As for Benzema, Fendi believes he ideally embodies “the progressive spirit of the label’s latest sneakers model.” Fendi’s choice seems to have been influenced primarily by the highly popular Benzema’s huge visibility, and the great media interest that always surrounds football, as means to target young consumers. The same logic applies to the fun, innovative digital experiences featured by the brand on its social media channels.

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