Jeanologia launches Colorbox, a ‘less polluting’ garment dyeing process

Jeanologia launches Colorbox, a ‘less polluting’ garment dyeing process

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Nicola Mira

Spanish company Jeanologia

The Colorbox technology makes it possible to save up to 60% of water and chemicals used during dyeing – Jeanologia

“The average saving for water and chemicals in garment dyeing is 60%, it is 45% for energy and 76% for salt,” said Enrique Silla, CEO of Jeanologia.
In a press release, Jeanologia stated that traditional garment dyeing is “one of the most polluting practices in the textile industry, associated with high production costs.” Colorbox is an advanced technology solution that facilitates optimal colour reproduction from the first dye wash, allowing manufacturers to cut production time.

Besides, the Colorbox technology can be used at any stage during the manufacturing process, and not just at the start, as with traditional dyeing methods. “This allows us to simplify the decision-making process for product dyeing, decreasing lead times to between two weeks and 48 hours, compared with the standard 18 weeks needed when using traditional processes,” added Silla.
Jeanologia stated that in 2021 it saved 18.2 million m3 of water by using Colorbox.
The company has set itself a ‘MissionZero’ target, aiming to eliminate completely the waste generated by denim garment finishing and manufacturing, “from fabrics to the finished product.” The goal is to use only minimal amounts of water, and to discharge clean water into the environment.
Jeanologia was founded by José Vidal and his nephew Enrique Silla in 1994, and is based in Valencia. It has 257 employees and operates 10 subsidiaries worldwide. According to Jeanologia, its various technologies are used in the production of over 35% of the five billion pairs of jeans made worldwide each year.

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