More misconduct allegations against Guess’ Paul Marciano

More misconduct allegations against Guess’ Paul Marciano

GuessPaul Marciano

More misconduct allegations against Guess’ Paul Marciano. – Facebook: Marciano

In a press conference on Thursday, four new women shared their personal experiences with Marciano and also revealed a lawsuit against Guess’ board members. The women include three former models including Amanda Rodriguez. Those who filed a lawsuit will be represented by attorney Lisa Bloom.

At the conference, Bloom said: “I do not know another company that has anywhere near this number of allegations of serious sexual harassment and sexual assaults against a prominent executive and yet continues to employ him.”

Paul Marciano first resigned from his position as executive chairman of Guess’ board in June 2018 and was replaced by his brother, Maurice. At that time, Kate Upton came forward along with multiple other women, publicly accusing him of sexual harassment.

The brothers founded the company in 1981 and own 38%, according to data from Refinitiv. Paul is still a director on Guess’ eight member board and holds the title of chief creative officer. 

Last month, an activist investment firm also asked Guess Inc to remove the two brothers who co-founded the retailer, arguing the allegations are holding the company back.

Marciano has repeatedly denied allegations against him.

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