Faire teams up with WGSN to reveal emerging style trends

Faire teams up with WGSN to reveal emerging style trends

Online wholesale marketplace Faire has partnered with global forecasting agency WGSN

Faire teams up with WGSN to reveal emerging style trends. – Facebook: Faire

The ‘Big Ideas in Womenswear’ 2022 report, showcases the latest in consumer apparel and lifestyle trends and aims to serve as a guide for independent retailers, ahead of Faire Fashion Week, taking place March 7–11, 2022. 

The report highlights three trending fashion categories starting with ‘Rooted in Nature’, the result of a new found connection between consumer and the natural world during the pandemic, calling attention to sweaters, hiking boots, deep browns, and forest greens.

Likewise, ‘Collegiate Classic’, which includes varsity sweatshirts, a-line skirts and knitted vests, comes as more than four million Americans changed career or left their jobs in 2021, while ‘Digital Wonder’ explores the intersection of future and fantasy with bold colors, opulent materials, and fluid, silky surfaces to luxurious metallics and extravagant embellishments.

“Consumer lifestyles and closets have undergone a major shift since the start of the pandemic,” said Danny Kim, senior consultant at WGSN.

“From knitted vests to hiking boots and bomber jackets, this report pulls from a blend of global expert insights, unique data, and cross-industry knowledge. We’ve uncovered what’s top of mind for fashion-forward consumers in 2022.”

As part of the partnership, Faire and WGSN will host a free virtual webinar on Thursday where Kim will dive into what colors, materials, patterns, and styles are trending.

“Independent brands and local retailers rely on Faire’s data about the apparel industry to make strategic business decisions each buying season,” added Anjarae Hamilton, head of apparel at Faire. “Working side by side with the WGSN team to uncover emerging trends will play an important role in helping both brands and buyers with inventory planning and merchandising calendars for the rest of the year.”

In November, Faire secured $400 million in a Series G investment round, bringing the company’s total valuation up to $12.4 billion. The round is Faire’s third in just over a year. 

Faire was founded in 2017 and serves 300,000 retailers across North America and Europe, as well as 40,000 brands from over 80 countries.

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