British brand Pip & Henry aims to create expandable shoes

British brand Pip & Henry aims to create expandable shoes



A British brand is currently working on an expandable shoe system. The project, which has just received a £250,000 boost, aims to reduce the waste inherent in children’s fashion.

The shoe brand Pip & Henry is working on an expandable shoe that would adapt to children as they grow. The shoe is designed to offer the possibility of being lengthened by one and a half sizes. The objective is to wear out the shoes as much as possible and not to have to replace them — just — for a question of size. This innovation is based on the principle of a stretchable material and/or sole, and is intended for children through to seven years of age, a period during which feet grow particularly fast. This mechanism would double the life of the shoes, as Jeroo Doodhmal explained to British publication The Daily Mail.

The innovation is currently under study, and the founder hopes it could come to retail sometime in 2023. Progress on the project is expected to accelerate thanks to a £250,000 endowment received by the brand, which is among four winners of UK retailer John Lewis

While Pip & Henry’s ‘classic’ shoes are currently priced at around £60 (about US$75), you’ll need to spend an extra £20 (US$25) to afford these even more sustainable designs, which could inspire many others in the children’s fashion industry.

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