Veja launches collab with Sea Shepherd

Veja launches collab with Sea Shepherd


Veja x Sea Shepherd – Photo: Veja

Founded in 1977 by Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd uses its ships to physically intervene on the high seas to prevent illegal fishing and the destruction of marine life. This ONG has grown to 10 ships today.
Since 2005, Veja has created hipster sneakers in eco-materials, while using sustainable materials and supporting economic justice to aid rural communities. Veja uses Brazilian and Peruvian bio cotton for its canvas uppers and laces; Amazonian rubber for its heels along with recycled polyester and plastic bottles. Its classic trainers are also manufactured in Brazil.

“When Sea Shepherd contacted us to create a collaboration, the whole Veja team was very honored. Sea Shepherd is a non-profit marine conservation organization that uses direct action to protect whales, dolphins and marine wildlife. With a fleet of ships on the frontlines, they partner with local authorities to combat illegal fishing and bring poachers to justice,” said a release by Veja, which was created by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillon.
Two members of Veja staff, a photographer and graphic artist, even participated in a Sea Shepherd mission on the Age of Union ship in the Bay pf Biscay aimed at highlighting overfishing and poaching at sea.

Veja x Sea Shepherd

For this collaboration, the Veja studio worked on a full-black sea-rover version of its Dekkan model. Made in Alveomesh, this technical fabric is made of 100% recycled polyester. Along with Vibram, it combined the brand’s ecological materials and know-how in a new formulation. The midsole is 70% sugar cane, providing a forceful grip, while the outsole contains 30% Amazonian rubber and 25% rice waste.

The Dekkan Sea Shepherd retails at €150 a pair.
“While everyone else is covering their eyes, the Sea Shepherd crew is at sea, shining a spotlight on those who think they can pillage and pollute the ocean with impunity. This collaboration is a tribute to the defenders of the sea,” concluded Veja.

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