Parade partners with TerraCycle to recycle used underwear

Parade partners with TerraCycle to recycle used underwear



While consumers’ buying habits have significantly changed recently in regards to secondhand

At a time when recycling, upcycling, and secondhand clothes are taking root in consumers’ wardrobes, the underwear issue persists. To remedy this, and help reduce textile waste generated by this sector, an American brand is presenting a recycling program of a new kind: “Second Life by Parade.”

In partnership with specialized company TerraCycle, the Parade brand recovers your underwear thanks to biodegradable recycling kits, then sends them to TerraCycle so that they can be shredded, then recycled into some surprising new products. Your boxers, briefs, thongs and panties will be transformed into rugs, soundproofing materials, furniture, and even bedding. In return, customers will receive a 20% discount on Parade’s sustainable products. 

More concretely, you just have to order a free kit and fill it with used underwear or underwear you’re not wearing. However be aware that the brand is not yet taking swimwear or bras. They accept items from all brands, but they must be washed. This is an important detail. The two partners take care of the rest, and allow you to get your discount in exchange. Note that the service is only available in the United States.

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