Sexier styles, colorful creations: This year’s wedding gowns break with the classics

Sexier styles, colorful creations: This year’s wedding gowns break with the classics



Despite the rise in covid-19 cases around the world, weddings are expected to pick up again in 2022, bringing with them a new set of bridal fashion trends. In search of extravagance and change, women are turning away from traditional dresses to embrace bolder, sexier styles, sometimes drawing inspiration from hit TV shows.

Are mermaid gowns or princess-style wedding dresses still the stuff of dreams? In these uncertain times — marked by a pandemic that has lasted for nearly two years — women aspire to change, searching for more daring bridal styles. This is evidenced by a current craze for sexy dresses with suggestive cuts, and even colorful gowns.

As the wedding fair season gets underway, the specialist platform (part of the group that also publishes WeddingWire and lifts the veil on the major trends that we’re likely to see at ceremonies this year. And it’s clear that traditional wedding dresses are no longer the order of the day. Coming back in force in ready-to-wear, cutouts will also be seen in wedding attire this year, with dresses cut out on the sides, as well as dresses and skirts with slits or pockets, reflecting a growing interest in sexier cuts and styles.

But wedding dresses also seem to be getting more extravagant, with a host of details that bring a touch of fantasy, from feathers to frills through transparent effects. One thing doesn’t look set to change, however, is brides’ passion for backless cuts — a must-have that still has a bright future ahead.

The influence of TV shows

Throughout 2021, fashion has been influenced by hit TV shows, starting with those shown by the streaming giant Netflix. Bridal trends are no exception, also seemingly drawing inspiration from certain dramas, including “Bridgerton,” which brings pre-Victorian style back to the forefront. As a result, long sleeves will feature among this year’s trends, as well as high necks, swan necks, lace, corsets and voluminous skirts, explains

As for the colors, white and off-white remain the major classics most appreciated by future brides. But in its latest review, Etsy

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