RYU Apparel partners with DJM Sales Consulting

RYU Apparel partners with DJM Sales Consulting

RYU Apparel has partnered with DJM Sales Consulting to lead global sales and to oversee the company’s wholesale strategy.

RYU Apparel partners with DJM Sales Consulting. – RYU Apparel

As part of the partnership, DJM will aim to scale RYU’s wholesale business through the company’s three-phase plan — digital, premium brand partners and volume retail partnerships — with an emphasis on digital. DJM will also be tasked with creating partnerships with retailers to help RYU expand its brand presence and gain access to new audiences.

DJM is a 25-year veteran of the outdoor, sporting goods and fashion industries. The company has designed sales strategies for Red Bull North America, TenTree sustainable apparel, Oberlap Group of mountaineering brands, Kulie bike bags and other global companies including a tenure at SAXX Underwear, where they created a global wholesale division that generated $35M+ in increased revenue. They will report to the company’s COO and will lead a dedicated sales team.

“DJM is well-known and well-respected in the active apparel industry, so we are thrilled to have them lead our sales strategy,” said Cesare Fazari CEO & chairman of RYU. “Coming out of another tough year for retailers, their passion, tenacity and strong work ethic are welcomed and appreciated. By leveraging brand, product, digital and retail, I know they will lead us tirelessly toward our revenue goals… and beyond.”

Last month, the Vancouver-based athletic apparel brand said it will shift its focus to its digital e-commerce business and closed its Williamsburg and Toronto store locations. As part of its digital focus, it said it would concentrate its brick-and-mortar presence on co-located “shop-in-shops” and store partnerships, predominantly in the U.S. 

After years of rapid growth, RYU put the breaks on expansion plans in February 2020. Since then, it has successfully raised $4.8 million, as well as strengthened its executive team with numerous new appointments.

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