Paulina Porizkova Posted a Photo of Herself in Lingerie. Then Came the Trolls 

When Paulina Porizkova posted a photograph of herself resplendent in black lingerie at nearly 58, she didn’t expect the online abuse that was hurled at her. When she posted the photograph, the former supermodel’s aim was to represent an older woman as “still sexy and viable” as she later wrote, and highlight her life as a “proud step grandma of five.” 

With a wide smile on her face and an impressively honed physique, Porizkova admittedly isn’t the average grandma. But skim through the comments beneath the post and you get a glimpse into the kind of negativity and cruelty that those in the public eye suffer. Porizkova made a point to share some of them in an ensuing post. 


“Sure, that is what 58 looks like with lots of money, access to the best non-invasive treatments, invasive treatments, fillers, Botox, lasers, red light therapy, collagen boosting treatments, trainers, personal chefs, nutritious food, etc. I’m [what] 59 looks like without all of that,” wrote one user. 

“But you didn’t age gracefully. You look way older than your age,” wrote another. 

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