Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Mark Valentine’s Day With ‘Commitment’ Tattoos

Some romantic gestures are forever—as in, physically permanent. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck sought to make their love last this Valentine’s Day with a set of tattoos centering their relationship.

“Commitment,” Lopez captioned on her Instagram selfie featuring her fresh ink, the word followed by the infinite emoji, a digital representation of the tattoo itself. “Happy Valentine’s Day my love.” Lopez also shared Affleck’s ink—a set of crossed and bound arrows vertically flanked by a J and a B—along with a slew of snaps of the happy couple, then and now. Also present in the post were hashtags referencing a similar sentiment (and one of Lopez’s studio albums): #ThisIsUsThen #ThisIsUsNow, and #ThisIsMeNow. Though the designs shared a similar fine line delicacy and placement (the side of the ribcage), each piece was aesthetically aligned with the wearer, making a case for coordinated, rather than matching, couples tattoos.

Photo: Jennifer Lopez / @jlo

The tats come a week and a half after Affleck’s solemn appearance at the 2023 Grammy Awards sparked an onslaught of memeable content, and it seems that Jennifer Lopez is here to set the record straight. The leading hashtag? #CommitmentIsSexy. 

This article first appeared on Vogue. 

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