Jack Wolfskin co-launches Great Plains documentary

Jack Wolfskin co-launches Great Plains documentary

Outdoor brand Jack Wolfskin

The new film is Jack Wolfskin and WaterBear’s second project, this time highlighting the drive to rewild and restore the Great Plains of North America. It also supports a broader initiative to inspire action through storytelling. 
“The Plains were once a haven to magnificent mega-fauna and millions of bison and prairie dogs, before European settlers arrived and expunged the landscape,” the programme maker explained.

Working with the Southern Plains Land Trust, the documentary follows activists Jay Tutchton and Nicole Rosmarino’s journey across an area that stretches from Texas to Colorado. The story centres on the 43,000-acre reserve in Colorado, where a crucial rewilding project is taking place, exploring how restoring the plains to their former glory could help halt climate change. 

Mokhtar Benbouzza, VP Marketing at Jack Wolfskin said: “The success that Jay and Nicole are having in rewilding the critical ecosystems of the American Great Plains sets an example that can be replicated around the world. Projects like this are often overlooked but are fundamental to mitigating climate change. It’s a beautiful story that is going to open a lot of eyes and inspire positive change.”

Sam Sutaria, CEO of WaterBear added: “Restoring the biodiversity of the Great Plains could have enormous implications for curbing climate change. That’s why we’re thrilled to work with Jack Wolfskin on this documentary, to showcase the power of everyday activists and inspire people to take up the cause of rewilding.” 

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