Going on a Trip This Summer? Our Travel Capsule Wardrobe Will Make Packing Easy

There are certain things in life that just require a certain skillset, and at the tippity top of that list is being a gifted packer. In our experience, you only fall into one of two extremes: You’re a minimalist who just was born with the gift of packing your bags efficiently or you somehow constantly overpack bags stuffed to the brim with pieces you don’t even end up  glancing twice at (raises both hands). The solution? A travel capsule wardrobe.

Travel is officially on many of our calendars again, and if you’re lucky, you have a trip coming up that’s more than just a weekend excursion. Be it a week in New England or two in Paris, a long vacation is packing’s Everest. When you need to throw everything you’ll need for a week or more in a suitcase, you need more than a haphazard list in the Notes app of your phone—you need to pull in the big guns, and that’s where we come in.

If you’re in the overpacking club or just feel like you never know where to start when thinking about your getaway, welcome to your solution. With a little bit of strategy, a few versatile pieces, and our travel capsule in your back pocket, you’ll be packing less but feeling like you have more to wear on your upcoming trip (yes, you read that right). Bon voyage!


Out to dinner

Vacation dinners are always a little more exciting than regular dinners. After a day exploring or at the beach, there’s no feeling like going home, showering, getting ready, and heading out for the night. An out-of-town dinner is worthy of a dress you want to be seen in, and this breezy, cut-out number fits the bill. With heeled sandals, you’ll look and feel worthy of the special occasion.

tortoise sunnies | midi dress | midi dress (plus-size) | baguette bag | heeled sandals


For a day of sightseeing

Days exploring the town you’re visiting are always exciting and often a little exhausting, which means you want an outfit that’ll keep you comfortable no matter how many steps you take (or what the weather brings). We’re opting for chic linen pants, an easy bodysuit, flat sandals, and a belt bag that can carry our belongings hands-free.

tortoise sunnies | bodysuit | bodysuit (plus-size) | belt bag | linen pants | linen pants (plus-size) | slide sandals


On a hike

Whether you’re someone who gets up to go on a morning run on your trips (if so, we bow to you) or you just plan to do some nature walks or hiking, having an athletic option or two in your suitcase is essential. Choose gym shoes that you know can put the miles in and a workout set that can take you from the trails to the gym, depending on what’s on your to-do list.

baseball hat | aviators | workout set top | workout set shorts | gym shoes


For a touristy brunch

For a day heading out to a town’s local hot spot for brunch (and hopefully a whole lot of mimosas), this easy, one-shoulder dress will make you feel like a goddess while being forgiving and comfortable, regardless of what your day brings.

tortoise sunnies | casual dress | casual dress (plus-size) | baguette bag | slide sandals


For lounging by a bonfire

No matter what your trip entails, you’re bound to have some nights where the only thing you want to do is lounge. Whether it’s by a bonfire, on the deck with a book, or just in your hotel room watching a movie, you’ll be grateful you packed a cozy set you can turn to again and again.

baseball hat | ribbed tank | ribbed tank (plus-size) | hoodie | hoodie (plus-size) | sweat shorts | sweat shorts (plus-size)


ribbed tank | ribbed tank (plus-size)
halter top | halter top (plus-size)
bodysuit | bodysuit (plus-size)
smocked tank
embroidered shirt
hoodie | hoodie (plus-size)
denim shorts | denim shorts (plus-size)
linen shorts | linen shorts (plus-size)
sweat shorts | sweat shorts (plus-size)
workout dress | workout dress (plus-size)
casual dress | casual dress (plus-size)
workout set top | workout set shorts
ruched maxi
linen pants | linen pants
midi dress | midi dress (plus-size)
baguette bag
beach bag
belt bag
gym shoes
heeled sandals
slide sandals
tortoise sunnies
baseball hat


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