The ‘Revolve Girl’ Has a Name 

“This girl really carries the weight of online shopping on her shoulders,” the tweet said, which was created last month by the Instagram account @bravohistorian. The image: a pretty blonde model in a cutout dress, subtly smiling at the camera. If you’ve shopped online during the last decade, you probably laughed because of course you’ve seen that girl. In fact, that’s probably how you know her—as “that girl.” How strange that she’s arguably the most successful e-commerce model working today and yet so few people know her name. It’s Ludi Delfino, by the way. 

I ask her whether she’s seen the meme. She has, and some TikToks too, which also playfully underscore her everywhere-ness. “I was dying,” she tells me over Zoom from her home in Los Angeles days after I DM’d her asking whether she’d be willing to talk about the unique niche she’s carved for herself—ubiquitous anonymity—in an industry that’s currently all about leveling up and up and up until you become a household name. I read her some of the comments, including one that said, “This girl shows up as one of my recognized friends in my iPhoto People & Places because I’ve screen-shotted her outfits so much.” Another: “She shows up on my IG and FB feed more than my kids.” 

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