From Fun & Playful to Serious & Stylish – These Are the Best Ties for Men

Best Ties for Men

From Fun & Playful to Serious & Stylish – These Are the Best Ties for Men

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Ties can be intimidating – and not just because executing the perfect tie knot takes skill and practice. Just choosing the right tie can be a major headache. There are a million different tie styles and patterns and prints, plus different materials like linen, cotton, silk and knit, and that’s before we even talk about color.

So how do you begin choosing a tie? You need to start off with what you plan on wearing the tie for. Are you going to a special occasion, like a wedding, cocktail party, fundraising event or something of that sort? You need to think about what the dress code will be. If it’s for an organized event, the invitation will usually state the expected attire. Also make sure the tie you’re wearing is appropriate for work (no inappropriate prints or very flashy patterns). And don’t forget to think about if you’re wearing a full suit, jeans, a blazer or business casual. All of these thoughts need to come into play before you’re ready to put on a tie and head out the door.

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Once you’ve identified the general dress code guidelines, answer the question of what your primary wardrobe colors are. Gray suit? Tuxedo? Navy chinos and a dress shirt? The tie will ultimately complement the dominant color of your apparel or provide a pop of pattern/color, so a good first step is figuring out the rest of your outfit first and choosing the tie second.

Once you have the details of your outfit finalized, it’s time to think about choosing your tie. Here are some general guidelines to follow:

  • The width of your tie should be related to the width of your lapel and the width of your shoulders. Skinny men look better in skinny ties, while broad-shouldered men can get away with wider ties.
  • Use contrast to your advantage. If you’re wearing a striped shirt, do not wear a striped tie. Solid ties work with everything, but you can create interesting pops with the right contrast.
  • Don’t neglect texture. Heavyweight, wool or tweed jackets demand thicker-textured tie materials, while tailored suits are better paired with sleek silk ties.

Hugo Boss Solid Silk Skinny Tie, Black

Hugo Boss

Every man needs a skinny silk black tie in their wardrobe, since you can pretty much wear it to any event of any kind without looking out of place, and Hugo Boss has been setting the standard here for decades. Made in Italy from 100% silk, this tie is sleek and stylish with a skinny profile,

$98 at

Collier Neat Silk Tie


Feeling bold? A splash of purple against the otherwise drab black-and-white backdrop of the typical suit can really separate you from the crowd. The small, neat patterns of this silk jacquard tie are interesting without being distracting, while the 3” width hits the perfect sweet spot for maximum versatility.

$49.50 at

Eton Mid Blue Paisley Silk Twill Tie


Made in Italy from 100% silk twill, this blue-patterned tie is a perfect choice for the office while still being unique enough to work for a night out after work. The photos don’t do it justice, either, as in person the tie has a certain luster that captures light in an interesting way.

$170 at

J.Crew Scottish Wool-Cashmere Tweed Tie


If you’re looking for a thicker tie, perhaps for a wool suit, pick up this blended wool-cashmere tie from J.Crew. The fabric comes from a mill in Langhold, Scotland, and the thick, scratchy texture will help you stand out in a room full of silk-tied guys.

$89.50 at

Amazon Essentials Men’s Plaid Necktie

Amazon Essentials

Who said a good-looking tie had to be expensive? This plaid necktie from Amazon Essentials is made from 100% polyester, but the simple black-and-white pattern is versatile enough to dress up or down, adding depth and sophistication to any outfit.

$12.90 at

The Tie Bar Grenalux Navy Tie

The Tie Bar

The Tie Bar is one of the Internet’s premier tie stores, offering the widest possible variety of styles, patterns, colors and sizes, but we particularly love their Grenalux tie in navy. Handmade from 100% woven silk, it’s soft and stylish, with the grenadine-inspired texture adding a subtle layer of depth.

$22 at

CUFFLINKS INC. “Batman” Paisley Silk Tie


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a dork, but there is something wrong with dressing like one. If you love a particular comic book character, you don’t need to transform your outfit into a billboard; instead, opt for a more subtle way to signal your fandom. This paisley silk tie from CUFFLINKS INC. works as a tie first and foremost, only giving away its Caped-Crusader-inspired secret upon closer inspection.

$58 at

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