Edward Cullen’s Sparkling “Vampire Skin” Inspired TikTok’s Latest Makeup Trend

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Cue the Twilight piano theme, because we’re heading back to Forks via TikTok! The latest makeup trend sweeping the video platform comes straight out of the Cullen mansion and is just in time for Halloween, especially if you and your friends are planning on dressing like Edward, Rosalie, Carlisle, and the rest of the blood-sucking clan.

The sparkling “vampire skin” trend comes courtesy of TikTok user @imonaugust, who shared two videos detailing how to get the shimmering visage of Edward Cullen and his cohort. In the first video, they mix a sheer foundation with liquid glitter and apply it to their skin, then dust powder glitter in an icy white shade across their cheekbones, forehead, and nose with a brush. The final result is a glimmering visage Bella Swan would absolutely fall head-over-heels for, just as she does in the movie when she first sees Edward all asparkle.

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