Even Kylie Jenner Is Experimenting With the ‘Quiet Luxury’ Trend

Not that any of the KarJenners are chill, but if there’s a sister we’d expect to “throw something on” for the day, it’d be Kourtney, maybe Kendall. But Kylie Jenner has miraculously emerged from the holiday weekend looking…easy-breezy, beautiful. Her Paris style (yeah, she was in Paris over the weekend, are you surprised?) is a far cry from her usual look, and so much more relaxed. Looks like the Sofia Richie Grainge–ification of Kylie isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Jenner usually goes for body-con dresses with provocative cutouts, loud colors and patterns, straps and clasps and appliques, and shirts that, let’s be honest, are bras. Yet while bopping around the City of Lights, she opted for neutral, youthful looks that might be…actually kinda comfy?

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