CIFF x Revolver gears up for first joint edition

CIFF x Revolver gears up for first joint edition

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Following the announcement of the acquisition of the Danish fair

The first edition of CIFF x Revolver will be held from August 9 to 11 – Instagram CIFF How are you approaching this new edition as trade show director?

Sofie Dolva: This edition is the first combined show under the CIFF x Revolver name all single-sited within the Bella Center. Bringing together two organisations with their own ways of doing and character is a challenge, but an opportunity to create real alchemy. To find those pieces of magic within the coming together of different viewpoints and experience, my approach to this edition has been one of openness from the outset. When you can leave expectations at the door are face challenges with fresh eyes, you can create something unexpected – I think we’ve been able to do that with this edition. 

FNW: What were the main challenges in organising the first combined CIFF x Revolver show? 

S.D: Challenges are opportunities, and of course blending the teams and organisations over what is a relatively short period of only six months has been full of both. For all of us though the real challenge is has been physical – one of space. We are fortunate enough to have over 20,000 square metres of space at the Bella Center, but how we go about structuring this space to accommodate over 1,000 brands in a way that works for exhibitors and guests was fundamental to creating a successful show. 

FNW: How have the identities and positioning of the two events merged?

S.D: At the heart of both CIFF and Revolver was a commitment to providing the best possible trade show experience and creating a platform that fosters trade and relationships between brands, retailers, and industry. Equally, a fierce proudness for being part of the Danish industry and acting as a gateway from Copenhagen to show the global markets what we stand for and the incredible talent we have here across the wider Nordic region. Under the banner of ‘One Copenhagen’ we’ve focussed on the shared goals and motivations behind both CIFF and Revolver, doubling down on these through cooperation to find ever better solutions. 

Sofie Dolva, director of CIFF x Revolver – CIFF

FNW: How has the feedback from participating brands and buyers been?

S.D: A large proportion of the brands showcasing this season are returning exhibitors from previous seasons who continue to commit to showcasing with us. We have an excellent track record of exhibitor satisfaction, and positive feedback from buyers including across over growing International Buyer Guest Programme. That said we always take constructive feedback from all stakeholders at the show extremely seriously, and do everything possible to make the show a success not just as a whole, but for every constituent element of it. Obviously this season marks a big change from every season before as the first since the acquisition, so we’re excited to show all of our exhibitors and guests how the merging of two previous competitors will benefit everyone. 

FNW:  What stage has been reached in the development of the range of beauty brands exhibiting? 

S.D: CIFF Beauty is coming back for its second season after great reviews from participating brands. We’ve also been able to expand the reach of the curation from Scandinavia to now include a wider catchment of brands including new exhibitors from the UK, Germany and Poland. I really believe in CIFF Beauty and its long-term prospects as a key part of our offering the industry each season, and much as CIFF x Revolver is one of Europe’s largest trade events and the biggest and longest-running in Northern Europe, I hope as we continue to grow and gain momentum each season we can achieve something equally as impressive in beauty. 

FNW: What number of visitors do you expect at this event?

S.D: Last season we saw a 25% increase in registrations with buyers accounting for over 50% of these. We welcomed over 5,000 buyers across 50 international markets, including over 200 international key decision markets from global retailers under our International Buyer Guest Program. We are all working tirelessly to make this forthcoming show our most successful and well-attended yet.

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