Inside Kanye’s Secret YEEZY SEASON 10 Show

Kanye “Ye” West secretly unveiled his YEEZY SEASON 10 fashion show in Los Angeles on May 1, an extremely low-key affair that barely revealed any clothing or fashion designs at all. Instead, the focus was on a group of skinhead models wearing skin-tight white T-shirts with black pants and little else.

Ye quietly began working on YEEZY SEASON 10 in late April 2023, casting models with shaved heads by way of a last-minute casting call at an LA warehouse.

The focus was clearly on the fact that the presentation existed at all, really, though Ye was nowhere to be found (after initially checking in on the show’s casting, Ye reportedly spent the night in a car with similarly secret wife, Bianca Censori).

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YEEZY SEASON 10’s set was sparse. It was held in a rugged-looking store in West Hollywood — rumored to be the location of Ye’s first-ever actual YEEZY retail store or at least a new YEEZY office — with little more than barren walls, rows of lightly-dressed models holding candles, and a sound system.

Ye’s YEEZY SEASON 10 invite, posted by the typical Ye stan pages (Ye’s preferred form of communication these days), didn’t actually mention YEEZY SEASON 10 by name, simply stating YZY FREE as the event’s title.

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The “FREE” in “YZY FREE,” by the way, referred to the skin-tight white T-shirts that were given to attendees free of charge. They looked as good as you’d imagine they would, which is to say: not good.

Similarly, the sock sneakers that Ye himself has been wearing as of late were also seen at the show, looking about as good as you’d think sole-less sneakers would look.

If anything, they have a real Margiela-meets-scuba-shoe vibe.

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Considering the recent skin-tight thermal-style outfits that’ve been uploaded by Ye’s obsessive fan pages over the past few weeks, we’d have assumed that Ye would’ve shown a more cohesive clothing selection.

Even the disastrous YEEZY SEASON 9 show, rife as that was with looks that never got produced, actually had plenty of “real” outfits.

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Expect this meager offering to represent the future of Ye’s YEEZY (or YZY) brand going forward, unless that adidas partnership does come back into being as rumors suggested last year.

Assuming that adidas is long gone, though, Ye will presumably be relegated to these sort of weird pop-up events attended exclusively by his most fanatical devotees.

Without press releases, PR teams, and the widespread push that’d come from organic support (read: outlets that’d give YEEZY coverage were Ye not a bigot), future YEEZY SEASON shows are destined to become fodder for Ye’s cult and no one else.

Which is well-deserved, honestly, given the toxicity of Ye’s vile anti-Semitic comments from last year. Ye did this to himself.

This article was published on May 2, 2023 and updated to reflect the YEEZY store rumors

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