Patta & Best Company Are Celebrating Personal Style

Patta’s collaborative strategy is always one of caution. Not caution in the sense they’re afraid of failure, more that they want to ensure they approach each and every collaborative endeavor with the same passion and drive as the last.

Take its most recent New Balance link up for example, where the Dutch label created a poignant narrative of family and friends around the release of what was, stripped back, a simple 990 silhouette.

In short: a Patta collaboration has to be organic, which is exactly what its Spring/Summer 2023 collection with Best Company is.

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For those not au fait with Best Company, the predominantly menswear label played a pioneering role in transforming sportswear into a status symbol across Europe in the mid-1980s. The Paninaro subculture (an Italian equivalent of the UK’s “casual culture”) became renowned for wearing the label religiously as they rebelled against Milan’s traditional culinary standards.

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In a similar fashion to that of the Paninaro, Patta is today renowned as one of the labels to have bridged the gap between culture and fashion and, in turn, bring streetwear to the forefront. Together Patta x Best Company symbolizes a lifestyle where communities adopted and personalized a particular style.

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The collection itself — which lands online on May 5 — is concise, comprises a crewneck, hoodie, and a tee, all of which adorn colorful embroideries inspired by both labels’ collective backgrounds.

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The Patta x Best Company crewneck showcases the Patta Panther, while the hoodie features a beloved Surinamese songbird, set against the backdrop of the country’s natural scenery, the tee displays three significant flowers, the Tulip, Zucchini Flower and Faya Lobi, representing the origins of both Patta and Best Company.

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