Salma Hayek Just Rewore Her Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Surprisingly Supportive Yellow Bikini

Look, we’ll continue to document Salma Hayek’s swimwear wardrobe (swimdrobe?) until we’re blue in the face because the Magic Mike’s Last Dance star knows how to pick out a supportive bikini.

On multiple occasions, Hayek has proved that there are plenty of options out there for women with larger chests who don’t want to be confined to One-Piece Summer (though her recent Barbiecore swimsuit makes a strong case for the look). There’s the bright red bikini Hayek wore on a boating trip for her 56th birthday in September, which does not feature a structured underwire but creates lift with thick halter straps and plenty of coverage. Or there are her favored bra-inspired bikinis that feature supportive cups for women with a variety of chest sizes. 

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