Jennifer Lawrence Takes the High Waist to New Highs

Yesterday evening, the film star Jennifer Lawrence sat down at a local cinema to watch a film, which is precisely the kind of thing I would do if I were also famous for being in films. I might slip into a late-night screening in a pair of black-out shades (as she did) and spend the duration of the film surveilling people’s reactions. I might laugh at certain moments and make audible gasps during others, and I’d also pop to the toilet a few times, making sure to slooow down as I passed the front of the screen.

Jennifer Lawrence and her husband leave a movie theater in NYC after watching her latest film, No Hard Feelings.


Lawrence took a more inconspicuous approach, dressed in a beige dress with an Empire waistline so high that it looked as though the skirt might have been tugged over the chest. Perhaps it was taken from Simon Cowell’s (for now mythical) fashion line? With her Loewe Puzzle bag near sutured onto the crook of her arm and a pair of The Row’s Claudette leather ballet flats, Lawrence’s outfit compounded the masculine, quirked-up aesthetic that stylist Jamie Mizrahi has been constructing.

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